The Röntgenkongress 2022 is over and it is with great pleasure that we can report a complete success from our point of view.
We had the opportunity to have many interesting discussions and would like to thank all visitors.
A very special thank you goes to Ms. Viktoria Shahbazi and Mr. Stephan Essmeyer from nexmed GmbH, who enabled us to do a livestream between our booth and the nexmed location in Dortmund. During the livestream, our booth visitors could directly follow how Ms. Shahbazi connected to the nexmed location in Dortmund to perform a real-time patient MRI scan in direct communication with the contact person there.

A little reminder: The German X-ray Congress is just around the corner and we as 3H-Vision GmbH will present our Tele-MTRA solution there, among other things. We are looking forward to your visit and the interesting conversations. 
Our booth number is: South 13

The shortage of skilled RTs continues to grow, with 46% of all German hospitals having problems filling their vacancies in 2019. This problem has already been announced in recent years and appears to be continuing its dramatic trend. 
How clever it would be, if off-peak times as well as core times could be secured by external support. This is where our Tele-RT solution plays a very important role, enabling us to cover absences with our own team of RTs by using remote scanning, thus ensuring 24/7 operation. 

Tele-RT goes Munich.
We are very happy that we are now also represented in Munich with our Tele-RT solution. The Tele-RT family is growing steadily and our customers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of optimizing their daily workflow with our Tele RT solution.

A little preview: On May 25th it is that time again and the 103rd German X-ray Congress will take place. We as 3H-Vision will of course be there and present our Tele-MTRA solution. Therefore we would be very pleased about your visit. 
Our booth number is: South 13

Initial feedback from Vincent de Paul Hospital on the use of our Tele-MTRA service. We will publish the full testimonial soon.


Christmas is just around the corner, and we would like to thank you for all your loyalty in a sometimes pretty difficult world of work. We had a very exciting year and are already looking forward to what is waiting for us in 2022. Therefore, we would like to wish you and your family a wonderful and relaxing Christmas holiday.


On-call service in the Vinzenz von Paul Clinic is up and running! 
Since tonight, our Tele-MTRAs are in use, and we can happily announce that our 4 calls in the night worked without any problems.
If you are interested in this topic, please feel free to contact us.

The Ruhr Radiology Congress is about to start and we will be there. 
After a long break due to Corona, we will finally be able to present our Tele-MTRA solution at a German congress. 
If you are planning to visit the Radiology Congress Ruhr, do not hesitate to stop by our booth. 
More information about where we will be located will be announced as soon as possible.
We are looking forward to exciting discussions with you.

Thank you for more than 1000 followers on LinkedIn!

We are very pleased that you are interested in our company and our activities.

Currently we are very busy to set up and complete new projects. Such as the creation of a professional explanation video on how our Tele-MTRA solution works.

We will update you on the status of our current Tele-MTRA offering via video shortly. 

We hope you will support us and accompany us on our way to a hopefully successful future.

Wir als 3H-Vision setzen immer auf die neuste Technik. Deshalb sind wir gerade dabei, neue Rechner für unsere Dienstleistungen auszuwählen.
Hierfür haben wir uns zu einem Test des neuesten Commodore-Computers entschlossen. Wir sind gespannt, welche Testergebnisse hierbei erzielt werden. 😊
Wir wünschen allen noch einen schönen Sommer mit hoffentlich besserem Wetter als in Deutschland. Nach unserem Urlaub werden wir Sie wieder mit spannenden Neuigkeiten versorgen und sicherlich auch über das Testergebnis des Commodore-Computers berichten können.

Endurance test.
Finally, the time has come and we have the first employee who will work for us from abroad. This not only brings us closer to our goal of having our complete Tele-MTRA service decentralized and accessible from anywhere in the world, but also allows us to check how well our solution is working and see what happens when no help is around and can stop by. 
We are looking forward to see where the journey goes in the future and in which countries we will be able to be active soon.

Another important step is done - DIN ISO 9001 certificate
After we have been working for quite some time to be certified according to DIN ISO 9001, it is finally done and we have received our DIN ISO 9001 certificate this week.
We are very happy about this and see this as another important milestone in the positive development of our company.
If you would like to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be back!
The #ArabHealth is over and we come to a positive conclusion. Many exciting new contacts were made in the Arab and African world and ways for a hopefully successful future in these countries were paved. We are looking forward to what the future holds for us and would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth.

Finally showtime!
After spending the last few weeks preparing for the upcoming #ArabHealth, it was finally time today and we were able to present our Tele-MTRA solution outside of Europe for the first time.
We had a very exciting day and were able to make first business contacts.
Furthermore, VIP visits have been announced for Wednesday or Thursday and we are already looking forward to every further contact we can make in the next two days.
Please visit us at Z3.E34.

Arab Health here we come.

As mentioned before we, 3H-Vision GmbH, will be present at the Arab Health from the 21. of June until the 24. of June and will introduce our new Tele-MTRA solution.
For all those who might be there, you will find us at booth number Z3.E34.

Tele-MTRA goes international.

After successfully completing all tests regarding our new #TeleMTRA service for the German-speaking region, we are now taking the next step and presenting our tested solution at this year's Arab Health in Dubai for the MENA region. For this you can now also find our #TeleMTRA website in English.


Es gibt spannende Neuigkeiten, welche wir Ihnen schon seit geraumer Zeit mitteilen wollen und es nun endlich können.
Wir die 3H-Vision GmbH, haben einen Kooperationsvertrag mit Siemens Healthineers im Bereich Dienstleistungen geschlossen, um #WeScan zu unterstützen und durch den Einsatz unserer #TeleMTRA nun zum Erfolg zu führen. Dieser neue Service stellt sich den Herausforderungen, vor denen viele unserer Kunden stehen: Personalmangel in der Radiologie und mangelndes MRT-Know-how. Mit der Kombination von #WeScan und unseren #TeleMTRAs können Radiologie-Kliniken, -Abteilungen und -Praxen nun auf Remote-Unterstützung für MRT-Scans zurückgreifen. Sie können einen MRT-Scan anfordern, der für sie aus der Ferne durchgeführt wird, oder remote Scan Coaching für das Lernen am Arbeitsplatz wählen – bereitgestellt von Remote-MRT-Technologen und unseren #TeleMTRAs. Die Kombination von #WeScan und unseren #TeleMTRAs ermöglicht es unseren Kunden, jederzeit und überall ein breiteres Spektrum an MRT-Verfahren anzubieten.

Gerade jetzt sind wir für Sie da!

Damit Sie Ihre Großgeräte weiterhin effektiv einsetzen können, nützen Sie unseren tele-mtra Service.
Nützen Sie Ihre Kapazitäten sinnvoll vor Ort und schützen Sie sich und Ihre Mitarbeiter. Wir kümmern uns um Ihren laufenden Betrieb online.
Für direkten Kontakt: +49 1755708099

Vorstellung Tele-MTRA

hier finden Sie unseren Flyer mit den wichtigsten Informationen.

Unsere weiteren Leistungen und Angebote für Sie:

3H-Vision vereint vollumfänglich die Bereiche 

  • Personal, 
  • Systemkauf, 
  • Service und Wartung, 
  • sowie Beratung. 

Durch die Nutzung unserer internetbasierten Plattform ermöglichen wir Ihnen effiziente und herstellerneutrale Lösungen für Ihre Anliegen im Bereich der Medizintechnik zu finden. Unser Know-how setzt sich zusammen aus einem Team erfahrener Spezialisten, sowie einem Netzwerk assoziierter Partner mit langjähriger Erfahrung rund um den gesamten Bereich der Medizintechnik.
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